5 Benefits of Ginseng for Strong and Healthy Hair

WEBHEALTHS – Besides being believed to be able to overcome erectile dysfunction, it turns out that there are a number of unexpected benefits of ginseng for hair, ranging from slowing hair loss, increasing hair thickness, to stimulating hair growth.

For centuries, ginseng is believed to be able to overcome a number of health problems, ranging from erectile dysfunction, controlling blood sugar levels, to treating cancer. However, not many know that there are benefits of ginseng for hair.

5 Benefits of Ginseng For Hair :

It’s not without reason that hair care products contain ginseng extract. The reason, this plant is believed to have a good impact on the health of our hair.

From slowing hair loss to stimulating hair growth, here are the benefits of ginseng for hair that you can check out.

1. Stimulates hair growth

Ginseng is believed to be used to accelerate hair growth and can be used to prevent hair loss. This is because this herbal plant contains saponins, which are considered to be able to stimulate hair growth by inhibiting the production of the 5a reductase enzyme.

5a reductase is an enzyme that has been linked to hair loss in men. On this basis, ginseng is believed to stimulate hair growth.

2. Prevent hair loss

The next benefit of ginseng for hair is to prevent or slow down hair loss.

Ginseng can be used to modulate and reduce levels of inflammatory substances that are the cause of hair loss.. This substance is known as TGF-β1.

TGF-β1 stimulates the shedding phase of the hair growth cycle. Meanwhile, ginseng can increase the life of hair in the growing phase of its cycle.

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Overall, ginseng is considered to be able to stimulate a healthy hair growth cycle, where the growing phase is longer than the loss phase.

3. Make hair thick

A study published in the Journal of Ginseng Research explains that ginseng is considered capable of making hair thicker .

The study, conducted by Professor Sang-Wook Son, tried to examine 50 participants who were diagnosed with baldness or alopecia areata for 12 weeks.

Half of the participants were given corticosteroids, while the other half were given a mixture of corticosteroids with ginseng as a treatment.

After 12 weeks, participants who were given a mixture of corticosteroids and ginseng experienced a significant increase in hair density and thickness, compared to participants who were given corticosteroids alone.

Experts who have conducted research believe that the ginsenosides contained in ginseng are anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic so that they can stimulate better hair growth.

4. Inhibits thinning of hair follicles

Quoted from Hair Guard, the next benefit of ginseng for hair is that it inhibits the hair miniaturization process.

Hair miniaturization is the thinning process of hair follicles which can lead to hairline baldness.

What’s more, ginseng contains ginsenosides which are considered to be able to strengthen hair roots thereby preventing severe hair loss.

5. Potentially prevent the appearance of dandruff

The presence of dandruff in the hair has the potential to reduce self-confidence and interfere with daily activities. As a solution, ginseng is believed to prevent the appearance of dandruff.

Although the various benefits of ginseng for hair above sound promising, further studies are still needed to prove the truth.

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