Are Fever Reducing Plasters Safe for Babies?

WEBHEALTHS.COM– Fever can occur at any time in your baby. When he has a fever, the little one’s body temperature increases, making him cranky. To reduce the temperature of the fever, use a compress or a fever compress plaster.

Are fever reducing plasters safe for babies?

Fever reducing plasters are relatively safe to use for babies. But make sure the plaster you use is a variant for babies, because there is usually a difference between fever-reducing plasters for children and for babies.

ByeBye-Fever is a brand of heat-reducing plaster that separates variants for babies and children.

In the children’s variant, the heat-absorbing hydrogel is white in color and has a bitter taste to prevent it from being accidentally swallowed by the child. While the children’s variant, the hydrogel is blue in color and contains a safe menthol substance. That’s why the ByeBye-Fever fever-reducing plaster is also safe to use for children.

The advantages of using a fever reducing plaster

1. Practical

Using a heat-reducing plaster is much more practical than a regular compress. You can simply apply a heat-reducing plaster to the forehead, armpits, or other areas without having to prepare a wet compress.

2. Can be used anywhere

Fever-reducing plasters are perfect for situations where you cannot provide regular compresses, such as when traveling by public transport such as a car or airplane.

Its small size also makes it easy for fever-reducing plasters to be carried anywhere. You can store it in a bag or even a trouser pocket.

3. Relieves pain

Besides functioning to reduce fever, the fever patch can also relieve pain in other body parts such as the cheeks to reduce toothache pain .

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4. Gives cool

Plaster compress fever is not only used when sick. You can also use it when the weather is hot so the child feels cool.

How the fever reducing plaster works

Although it does not use water, this plaster can help lower the child’s body temperature. Then how does it work.

Actually, the way the heat-reducing plaster works is very simple. The inner layer of the plaster contains a water-filled gel (hydrogel). When the plaster is applied to warm skin, the water content in the hydrogel will evaporate. This process helps lower the child’s body temperature.

Recommendations for fever compress plaster for babies and children

If you want to use a fever patch , use a quality and child-safe plaster like ByeBye-Fever.

ByeBye-Fever is a fever compress plaster that has been trusted for more than 17 years by parents in Indonesia to treat children’s fever.

ByeBye-Fever is made using Japanese technology which has a long-lasting cool feeling to reduce discomfort for 8-10 hours. The hydrogel temperature in ByeBye-Fever is relatively more stable than the temperature of water or ice . The adhesive power is also much stronger than other brand plasters.

ByeBye-Fever for children comes in two variants, namely Baby ByeBye-Fever for children aged 0-2 years and ByeBye-Fever children for children over 2 years old.

Always ready ByeBye-Fever at home
Infants and children are prone to fever, either from the weather or from a bacterial or viral infection. In order to avoid fever, give him good nutrition.

But if he has a fever, use ByeBye-Fever to reduce the fever. Always have ByeBye-Fever at your home. You can find ByeBye-Fever at your nearest supermarket or pharmacy and your favorite online store.

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